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Platysens SEAL
Platysens SEAL
SEAL  (For VIP tester only)

SEAL (For VIP tester only)

Regular price $200.00 Sale price $30.00

SEAL - Swim Power Meter

Seal captures your hands' movement as you push through water. Our algorithm reconstructs your hands' motion, and measure the force and power exerted by each hand over time.  Pinpoint the factors that affect your swim stroke and measure the difference.  Compare against other swimmers and make your stroke more efficient.



What's inside the box

  • 1 main unit with white strap (right side)
  • 1 main unit with grey strap (left side)
  • 2 USB to Magnetic Charging Cable


Currently, the SEAL unit is only available for invited VIP tester ordering.  All prices are exclusive of taxes and duties.  If you are interested in testing it, you can send an email to enquiry@platysens.com for more information.