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Marlin OH1+ Package
Marlin OH1+ Package
Marlin OH1+ Package

Marlin OH1+ Package

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Marlin with Polar OH1+

Combining GPS*, Motion Sensors and Voice Technology, Marlin provides realtime audio feedback to swimmers. 

Important swimmer parameters such as lap time, stroke rate and even navigation* information is provided instantly to swimmers without disrupting the swimmers motion.  

Now together with Polar OH1+, an optical heart rate monitor.  You can also hear your realtime heart rate from the Marlin bone conduction headset while you swim.   You can listen to your body and perform the most suitable training.

Key Features

  • Real Time Audio Feedback with bone conduction technology
  • Pool Mode
    • Lap time and lap count
    • Stroke count and stroke rate
    • Heart Rate (from Polar OH1+) 
  • Open Water Mode*
    • Distance and speed tracking
    • Open Water Navigation with offcourse warning
    • Heart Rate (from Polar OH1+)
  • Training programs
    • Lightweight and Easy to Use
    • App connectivity with Bluetooth Smart for data synchronization

    Detail of Polar OH1+,

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    * Navigation and Open Water Mode are not available on the Marlin-P